Recipe for making Putty at home!

The Importance of Flexibility!

Our general guidelines for a Stretching Program.

Heat vs. Ice – Which to use?

Many patients often ask “Should I use Heat or Ice?”
The Answer is often “it depends”.

Below you will find some general guidelines for when cryotherapy is appropriate and when heat would be more beneficial.

To find the best interventions for you and your condition, consult a physical therapist. You can read more about pain and management of painful conditions at:…

Where Patients Receive Physical Therapy May Affect, Costs, Visits, and Quality of Care

Study finds Medicare patients who attended physical therapy where a physician has no financial stakes received more individualized care with as much as half the visits of a physician owned physical therapy practice. This is an illustration of one of the many benefits of receiving therapy from a physical therapist owned practice.

You can find the Health Services Research Article Here.


Shawna Anderson Discusses SI Dysfunction and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation for Urinary Incontinence on Business Radio X

One-on-One Care

At Anderson Physical Therapy Associates each patient receives uninterrupted treatment with the therapist on every visit.


We take the time to explain to patients about their condition, how we are treating it, and what to expect.


Shawna and her staff have a stellar track record in healthcare and she is passionate about giving back to her community.