Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation

We offer the following services:

Work Conditioning

Please Reference the following for more information:

In June 2017 we will also begin offering the following services:

– Industrial Functional Capacity Evaluations

– Social Security Disability Functional Capacity Evaluations

In order to obtain Social Security Disability, you may require a FCE to determine your physical disabilities and limitations.  The cost of the test will be $300 and take 1-2 hours to complete.

You will be evaluated on the following:

  • Exertional Limitations
  • Postural Limitations
  • Manipulative Limitations
  • Visual Limitations
  • Communication Limitations
  • Environmental Limitations
  • Symptoms

Please reference the PHYSICAL RESIDUAL FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY ASSESSMENT form (Form SSA-4734-BK) provided by the Social Security Administration for more details as to specific measurements and procedures necessary for performing the test.

– Injury Prevention Services

  • Ergonomic Presentations
  • Injury Prevention Presentations
  • Post Employment Offer Physical Demands Analysis
    • We offer screenings on the job site with the required measurement materials for companies wanting to screen 5 or more potential employees.
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