Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Physical therapists are experts in treating the musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints and surrounding soft tissues of the body). Pelvic floor muscles react to physical therapy just like other muscles in the body. Our staff has specialized training through the American Physical Therapy Association in treating pelvic floor muscles associated with women’s health. We will help you safely and naturally overcome the physical issues below without drugs or surgery.

Pelvic Pain… We Can Help!

Pelvic pain is a general term used to describe debilitating discomfort in the pelvic region. Pelvic pain can occur at any time in a woman’s life, frequently causing significant emotional distress and adversely affecting quality of life.

Unfortunately many women develop chronic pelvic pain with symptoms that persist longer than three months. If chronic pelvic pain goes untreated, additional bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction may develop.

Urinary Incontinence is Treatable!

Many symptoms of urinary incontinence are caused by pelvic floor muscle weakness and dysfunction. Urinary incontinence is common but it is NOT a normal part of aging or a normal result of child birth.

We are specially trained in Women’s Health to help you gain control over your symptoms. We will design a treatment program to tackle your stress incontinence or urge incontinence and increase your quality of life.  Biofeedback is often used to assist with proper recruitment of the pelvic floor musculature.



Pregnancy and Post-Partum Therapy

Physical therapy is proven to be successful in the care of pregnant and post-partum patients. We are equipped to address women’s issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, urgency, and prolapse.

The carry-over of healthy habits, exercises and skills the patient acquires through physical therapy treatment help transition a new mother through the childbearing year and prepare her for the constant physical demands of raising a young child.

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