From Our Patients…

“As a first experience with physical therapy, I did not know what to expect.  Sheena and Corey work so well together.  The environment is friendly, stress free and I received great pain relief from my treatments.  I was grateful for the care, concern and expertise.  They pay great attention to their patients.”

Susan, low back pain, over 65 yrs old

“My visits have now spoiled me. My previous physical therapy was mainly done by me with my therapist overseeing while he had two other patients. Loved being the only one during my hour and I showed improvement on first visit. Excellent care and my results showed it.”
Judy (Braselton), lower back patient, over 65 yrs old

“The 1 on 1 attention you receive really makes a difference”
Danny, neck patient, 36-50 yrs old

“Best experience I’ve ever had with physical therapy. One on one attention and listened to my complaints and addressed them as they arose. Also cautious when she noticed I was not doing well some days.”
Female, hip and leg patient, 51-65 yrs old

“Thank you so much for being a big part of my recovery. I just saw the doctor for my four month follow up and all is well. I told my doctor that I was very happy with your PT work and thanked him for prescribing your service.”
Jerry (Gainesville), hip replacement patient with lower back issues, 51-65 yrs old

“You did everything you could to improve my quality of life through physical therapy. I will definitely be back and will be sure to recommend you to anyone in need!”
Danielle (Hoschton), patient with neck and spinal issues, 21-35 yrs old

“I started with Anderson PT in January of 2013 after having a total knee replacement on my right leg on December 11, 2012. My frame of mind when I entered PT was depressing after going through home PT and not showing any great improvement. At the very beginning with Anderson PT I was challenged but not pushed and the focus was on my pain and recovery. I suffered a setback about two weeks into therapy with an infection. Shawna recognized that I was in trouble and called my doctor. I was then put on a strong antibiotic and averted a disaster thanks to Shawna’s care. Once I was over the infection PT went very well and as I said I was challenged but never pushed beyond what I was capable of at the time. I went from knee replacement in December to being able to play golf in less than 12 weeks and that was with a two week setback for the infection. I have had PT before on my back but Shawna’s care was the best PT I have ever experienced. I highly recommend anyone to Anderson PT who is looking for that individual attention and care in trying to recover from any physical problem. I believe the biggest difference is that Shawna cares about each person who walks through her doors and she is dedicated to making you feel better before you leave. Shawna cares.”
Tim (Braselton), knee replacement patient, 51-65 yrs old

“Shawna is a great physical therapist, very caring and willing to help in any way possible. I never had to wait and always felt that the focus was on the best of care for me during my treatment.”
Teresa, patient with neck and shoulder issues, 51-65 yrs old

“Wonderful, courteous and helpful. It was Easy to realize that Shawna really cares about her patients!!
Michelle (Dacula), hip patient, 36-50 yrs old

“Exercises and shots prescribed by the ortho doctor for calcific tendinitis (sp?) in my shoulder had no effect over a six month period of treatment. Shawna made me work harder than I thought I could and I got better in just a few weeks. I can lift my arm with no pain and throw the kids around in the pool again.”
Pat (Dacula), shoulder patient, 36-50 yrs old

“In my opinion Shawna is a godsend. I thank God for Shawna.”
Female neck, shoulder and lower back patient, 36-50 yr old

“Compared to other physical therapy I’ve had there is no comparison. Shawna is so far above other therapy facilities it is hard to believe they can stay in business. She is totally hands on and works so hard to get best possible result for patient. She is not quantity of patients driven which means a lot. She really cares about the care you receive and it is quality care that counts.”
Female knee patient, 51-65 yrs old

“I was very pleased with all the Services.”
Dana (Winder), hip patient, 36-50 yrs old, first experience with physical therapy

“Thank you for your careful explanation of each procedure you had me do. I appreciate the one on one care that I received. The atmosphere in your facility was very relaxing.”
Lenora (Braselton), knee patient, 51-65 yrs old, first experience with physical therapy

“Dr. Anderson and her staff were very friendly and made me feel like my problem was important to them. Not like I was just a number, in and out. They explained why I was doing the treatments assigned, which was also nice to know how it related to my condition.”
Jennifer (Buford), eye/head patient, 21-35 yrs old

“Shawna is not only kind and compassionate, she is a great listener. She explains what is what and why in simple ways, easy to understand why, not just being told what to do. I had no idea just how good she was until I moved and had to find a new therapist. I was super lucky to have found Shawna. I can honestly say I enjoyed our sessions.
Susan (Pendergrass), hand patient, 51-65 yrs old

“Shawna, thank you again for caring so much about my progress. I wouldn’t have ended up as well after total hip replacement without your help!”
Freda (Jefferson) hip replacement patient, Over 65 yrs old

“Very cooperative and understanding about rescheduling. Felt that I always received therapy that was challenging but doable. Very friendly and competent.”
Sally (Dacula), knee replacement patient, 51-65 yrs old

“Shawna is a wonderful PT and I would not go to anyone else.”
Connie (Buford), knee patient, 36-50 yrs old

“I was very comfortable each time I was there. I loved my physical therapist, so understanding and caring. No discomfort. Would recommend anyone to come to this office.”
Sandra, various issues, over 65 yrs old

“Very thorough, multiple modalities. Excellent!
Physician with shoulder issues, 51-65 yrs old

“Shawna is caring, understanding and very knowledgeable. She does all that she can to help and goes the extra mile whenever possible. She makes sure you feel comfortable at all times. Shawna is exactly what a physical therapist should be.”
Catherine, hip and lower back issues, 21-35 yrs old

“I thank God for Shawna.”
Female neck/shoulder/lower back patient, 36-50 yrs old

“Shawna is great.”
Bill, hip patient, over 65 years old

One-on-One Care

At Anderson Physical Therapy Associates each patient receives uninterrupted treatment with the therapist on every visit.


We take the time to explain to patients about their condition, how we are treating it, and what to expect.


Shawna and her staff have a stellar track record in healthcare and she is passionate about giving back to her community.